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Gospel Recording Contract

After you have devoted a lifetime to studying music and giving your music gift in praise of the Lord, it is sometimes nice to be rewarded. Of course, the opportunity to perform, whether it be during Sunday service or at a concert is reward enough in itself. But getting a gospel recording contract either for yourself or for your entire choir can be a wonderful opportunity to share your musical talents with a wider audience as well as get paid for doing so.

Many gospel contracts are rewarded to individual solo artists. Labels often find it easier to make a contract with a single artist or duo and then hire a backup choir on a per song basis. This means that if you are a solo artist, there is much better chance of you getting a gospel recording contract. However, if you think that your choir has the chops, you might still want to record a demo of some of your most popular service songs and see if you couldn’t earn some money singing back up for other gospel artists.

Just like any other genre in the music business, pretty much the only way you can hope to get a gospel recording contract is through making a music demo. You might be lucky enough to belong to a church that has good acoustics and some basic sound recording equipment. If that is the case, you should consider recording the demo right in your own church. A studio large enough to fit a gospel choir can get quite expensive to rent.

However, it might be that your choir is discovered one Sunday at church. Don’t get your hopes up, but since it is easy to track down local gospel choirs, new indie labels might come knocking at your door and offer you the chance for your own gospel recording contract.

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