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The biggest question I get when people email me has everything to do with How To Buy A Beat! In addition to that question I also get emails asking what type of equipment I use to make rap beats or r&b instrumentals. Because I receive so many of these emails I built this page here to explain who I am, what type of equipment I use.

I will also provide you with a sample PDF of my Leasing and Exclusive rights contract. You will also receive the information explaining the difference between a lease and exclusive rights.

Are You Ready? Okay Lets Go!

First let me explain who I am...

My name is Calvin Hill. I am the CEO of Marinated Musiq, LLC in Atlanta, Georgia. My production name is "Avalon" so it's cool to call me either one. I have been producing for over 7 years professionally. I do this for a living so I am not some fly by night rookie who is just doing this for fun.

I have produced tracks for hundreds of rappers, r&b singers, pop artist and even scored a couple videos. My client base is currently over 3,000 people and extends nationally as well a internationally.

I am the author of the book "The Amazing Music Formula" and I make thousands of dollars from my profession. I am here to help artist discover their true talents through the use of my beats so I am open to all. The goal is to get you a record deal.

Now that you know who I am, let's talk about beats!

To buy a beat from me is pretty simple. There are no special task involved. However, the first thing I need for you to do is listen to rap beats and r&b instrumentals so you will know what you want.

After you have listened to the tracks simply email me or call me to let me know which method of payment you would like to use and how many beats you would like to purchase.

It is important that you specify the tracks by name and notify me if you would like to lease or buy. If you need to know the difference between the two click this link here.

The next big question is what type of equipment do I use to bang the beats? Normally a producer keeps this a secret. However, I don't care if you know what I use or not. When it's all said and done you still have to have skills.

So if you want to know what type of equipment I use click here!

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