How to Make Money With Music

advantages and disadvantage of music business

The advantage and disadvantage of the music business is really not close at all. If you make it you become a multi-millionaire most of the time. If you flop you have to live with the failure for the rest of your life.

To avoid this please check out The Amazing Music Formula. The worst thing to happen is to spend years in studios spending all kind of money only to flop. If you are serious about a hip hop rap career then you need to know what it takes to get in the music industry.

The problem is most people don't actually know what an advantage is. If you know someone in the music industry or that is a radio DJ use it. They will have a lot of pull to help you out. the disadvantages of course is NO privacy and you will always have to look good.

There can be NO bad days or the press will hang you for it. Being rich and famous does not mean privacy as you may think. Make sure that if you decide to make music a career you are ready to relinquish your privacy. Just because you are a millionaire does not mean your life will be peaches and cream.

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